My love for baking began long time ago in my home in a  small village in eastern Poland. Watching my mom and grandma bustle around the kitchen, smelling fresh baked cookies, pies and homemade donuts definitely pointed me into the right direction. For years I was helping my mom preparing all the desserts for each holiday. But it wasn't only on holidays when she treated us with something delicious. My brothers and I were lucky kids growing up because there was always something yummy baking in the oven. We were waiting impatiently to try cookies while they were still warm. My house was filled with mouth watering aromas of goodies every Sunday!

  Where else can you get such a great baking lessons if not from your mother? Not only was she a teacher at school, but she had taught me many things at our home as well. Being a good student definitely paid off. Today I have the love for baking as my mom has had for years. I use her recipes, techniques and baking tips almost every day. I can honestly say she was the one who has inspired me to Bake My Heart Out :)

I am devoted to providing my customers with fresh and amazing looking cakes. These creatively fun & elegant cakes will taste heavenly. 
My beautifully custom designed cakes & signature butter cream fillings are sure to please! From Baby Showers and Kids Birthday Cakes to Sweet Sixteen Cakes and Weddings Baking My Heart Out will exceed your expectations. Each cake I bake is unique and I put my heart into each design providing my clients with something special for whatever the occasion. Whether your guests are asking for a second slice or taking pictures of your custom designed cake, I am confident it will be a hit!

Please, take a tour of the website to view pictures of my recent cakes, and learn a bit more about my little baking company.

I'm looking forward to designing your next cake :)
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Baking My Heart Out


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